1. More incentives and opportunities for staff to go higher within Twilight Years.
    We are proud to have a great Homecare worker team. Every Homecare worker brings different skills and attributes to the role and this makes up the greatly rounded team that we have.This year we have advertised for a Quality Assurance Officer to assist with audits and quality assurance spot checks and a Care Coordinator within the Furness team, these roles were advertised on our Facebook page and on Indeed and other job sites.
    We are looking at the possibility of creating some Senior care roles within the team.

  2. Better uniform.
    We have rolled out the new care worker scrubs this autumn, they are more practical and comfortable to wear and have a more professional look.

  3. Improve / Do more spot checks.
    We have recently employed an experience Quality Assurance Officer who has been undertaking random Quality Assurance Spot Checks, She has then fed back to staff members how they fared and brought in for extra training if required.

  4. Better communication between staff and office.
    We have recently commenced a new care platform system for delivery of all our care.
    This includes a much better communication section where we can connect direct to Homecare workers and vice versa they can communicate issues immediately in first hand recorded electronic form.
    We send memos and update messages direct to Homecare workers and have now commenced a quarterly newsletter with all the latest corporate and company issues.
    We are at present ploughing through our staff group supervision meetings communicating all relevant information to staff and taking the lead on any issues raised.
    Staff in Barrow and Carlisle are always welcome to pop in the office in between calls for a drink and chat and we have made a staff break room upstairs in the Barrow office and there is a chill out kitchen area at our Carlisle branch.

  5. Better forward rota planning.
    We have now moved to the Careberry app which is an all in one platform for the delivery of care packages. Within the Careberry system we have generated a standard 2 week rota template which will remain in place going forward so the structure of the rota will remain in a regular pattern with additional calls added as and when required.

  6. Why can’t Twilight Years pay the full amount of travel allowance?
    The travel rate for Twilight Years has now gone up to 45p per mile. This is now aligned with the standard national rate.
  7. Not to be pestered to cover calls when on annual leave.
    We absolutely try not to contact staff when they are on annual leave, we understand they work hard for us throughout the year and their own time is important however very occasionally as a very last resort we may need to contact all staff members to get a call covered, we would only do this if there was no other option available.

Updated - November 2022


  1. Not aware of the compliments and complaints procedure.
All service users are made aware of the compliments and complaints procedure during the original home assessment visit by the Field Supervisor this is documented in the Twilight Years booklet which is given to the service user at their initial visit and any subsequent review.
We welcome feedback and are always open to deal with complaints and issues either in person, via phone, email or letters, from customer surveys, through their Homecare Workers or family members.
We have recently employed a Quality Assurance Officer who is in the process of visiting the service users to discuss any issues that arise combined with doing random Quality Assurance spot checks to ensure we are delivering consistent best practice standards of care.
We will reiterate again to all service users how to approach us with a compliment or complaint.
  1. Homecare Workers sometimes don’t stay full length of the call.
Our Homecare Workers now use the Careberry app, Their calls are logged in from commencement to depart of visit, Homecare Workers cannot log out until all tasks have been completed.
In our recent staff meeting and via emailing staff we reinforced the importance of staying the duration of the call time even when all tasks have been completed.
To assist with their well being providing company to the service user is an essential part of the care call.
Our Quality Assurance Officer is also monitoring call times are adhered too.
  1. My Carers sometimes don’t arrive on time.
We do try our very best to ensure calls are made on time, however as is the nature of care sometimes previous calls can run over causing a knock on effect.
It has been a challenging few years with Covid-19 testing us to the limit with staff sickness hitting us hard causing call times to be altered more than usual, we are aware this can cause issues and are working to ensure call times are made on time.
If Homecare Workers are running particularly late Care Coordinators will designate their call to another Homecare Worker where possible and inform the Service User.
  1. How do I know who is coming to me?
The new Careberry app which office staff and homecare workers use is the template we are now using for all aspects for the delivery of care.
Service users and their family members are able to access and monitor their care package information, care plans, service reports etc and communicate with feedback that is directly notified to us for action.
Service Users are always welcome to contact us by phone, email or in person to discuss their visits or any other issues on 01229 835200 or
Updated - November 2022

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